Man-Cave Woodworking
The Fun Starts Here

Sometime in the late 1970s when the woodworking bug sunk its mandibles deep in my flesh and administered a good hard bite, I found myself afflicted with a lifelong passion that has proved impossible to shake. That, along with a few degrees in English and writing and hard time in a cabinet shop and summer construction work, brought me to Better Homes and Gardens Meredith Corporation where I worked for some 27 years researching, writing, editing, and furthering my hands-on interest in DIY subjects and, of course, woodworking. Here, I retired as the executive editor of WOOD magazine. Within a month, I signed up with Woodcraft Magazine where I served as the editor.


After eight great years of shaping and developing that publication, I retired again, this time to pursue yet another related road. Free of the corporate ties that bind, and in possession of a very accommodating home shop and knowledge of woodworking project designs, I decided to pursue a favorite area of mine: Man-Cave Woodworking. In a nutshell, MCW has evolved into a project plan service where you can purchase the design and complete building plans of original projects for your man cave, or to use as awesome gifts.  


Referred to by some as functional art, many of the designs model their look after iconic images within the American culture—a ’57 Chevy, a rock and roll guitar, or a football. All serve a man-cave need of some sort. Some designs may be edgy and push back on the PC culture. Several will make folks smile and start conversation at cave gatherings. Expect the creation of such designs to be ongoing—at least once a month. I hope you like what you see and give one or more projects a try. You’ll find the write-ups woodworker friendly and backed by professional illustrations, photos, and buying guides.

  • Your Helpful Neighborhood Cave Man,

    Jim Harrold, Woodworking Originals LLC, President

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Do You Have A Project Idea That would be a perfect man-cave addition?

Write to me and let me know about it. I’ll see if I can work something up and give you full credit for the suggestion. Provide a photo or illustration to explain your idea, as well as your contact information.